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About the Company

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About Us

We are a multi-functional service financial and strategic based in Bangalore, India.

We specialize in finance and strategic advisory services and act as trusted advisors to our clients across diversified sectors/industries. We are sector agnostic and specialize in identification of appropriate targets for investors, assessment of opportunity, financial modelling and valuations, coordination for transaction, negotiations, due diligence reviews, closure of transaction and support in appropriate documentation/compliances etc.

We also extend our support to start-up ventures in fund raising and allied services.

With our team of professional experts, we are a one-stop solution-oriented advisory firm providing full spectrum of services encompassing entity set-up, corporate finance, transaction advisory, book keeping & accounting, tax & regulatory, corporate law, audit and various compliance services.

We advise companies for their investments. Our experts have been assisting companies through complete hand-holding, right from suggesting the appropriate entry strategy and market assessment to set up operations, identifying the right partners and obtaining necessary Government approvals etc.

Our Objective

Our endeavor is to collaborate with our clients and support them in making informed business decisions in order to enhance their business performance whilst being legally compliant.


Our Approach

At Chris Associates, we are dedicated to assist our clients and provide requisite reinforcement to their financial, strategic and regulatory operations to help them achieve their goals and objectives. With our innovative approach, we always seek to gain insight of situations to advise our clients with pragmatic solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide end to end solutions to our clients to augment and support their operations and provide them with the necessary leverage to succeed in the challenging market environment.